vrijdag, 20. januari 2017, Amsterdam, Amsterdam Welcomes American Refugees

America voted for a president that is not so nice, We can imagine it's going down fast. So you better start looking for a nice place to live across the ocean. Come over to the beautiful little country of the Netherlands where we don't have guns and big walls, but there is weed, and the legal drinking age is 18.
If you voted for this trump guy, please stay over there, we only offer this hospitality to the people with common sense.

Amsterdam Welcomes American Refugees

Moss in Paradiso

Moss in Paradiso

vrijdag 26. januari 2018
5 jaar Smulroute

5 jaar Smulroute

zondag 24. september 2017
10CC - Melkweg Amsterdam
dinsdag 13. maart 2018
Loopwijzer doet Amsterdam marathon
zondag 15. oktober 2017
Alison Moyet in Paradiso
vrijdag 08. december 2017
Liefdevol Leiderschap - Start Cursus
donderdag 14. september 2017
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